The Fussin' Box


The Fussin' Box

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Pamper the new mom with this box full of healing goodies! Modeled after the "fussin' bags" of old school Black southern midwives who took bags of healing herbs, grooming products and food to care for or "fuss over" their pregnant and postpartum mamas, the Fussin' Box includes:

"Bottom Blooms" herbal sitz bath for perineum healing

"Mama Nurture Fourth Tri" herbal tea for internal healing and all around comfort and relaxation

"Calm Ya Nerves" herbal calming tincture to steady those new mama nerves

A Fridet MomWasher peribottle

A tea kettle infuser

A baby sling/belly bind

And a few other goodies to make mom feel loved on and nurtured!

Shipping late May